Nicole M Augustine, MPH, MCHES, CPS

State: North Carolina
Nicole M Augustine is the Founder & CEO RIZE Consultants, Inc, a strategic consulting firm founded in January 2015. Nicole is an entrepreneur, public health professional and social justice advocate. Her journey in public health began at Cornell University when after graduating she worked for three years as a BASICS counselor for Cornell’s campus harm reduction initiative. From there, Nicole transitioned into the George Washington University School of Public Health before experiencing a rapid career progression from providing prevention education to providing training and technical assistance to communities, professionals and state agencies. Nicole has served as the Project Coordinator for the Southeast PTTC, the Project Director of the NC Behavioral Health Equity Initiative, and the Prevention Director for the Addiction Professionals of NC. In addition to managing RIZE Consultants, Nicole serves as an Advanced Implementation Specialist with the Opioid Response Network. This network is building trust across justice, corrections and medical systems to address the opioid and stimulants crisis. Nicole is a passionate prevention thought leader with a desire to be of greater impact and drive community change through innovative strategies. This passion for society change fuels the business that she founded: RIZE Consultants. In August 2022, Nicole published the Prevention Specialist Exam Study Guide to help readers understand the competencies and knowledge necessary to become a Prevention Specialist (PS) and adequately prepare prevention professionals to pass the Prevention Specialist certification exam. With this book, Nicole aims to close the gap in existing literature for the PS exam and enhance the prevention workforce so that society is better equipped to address current and future substance misuse challenges and improve long-term health outcomes for all. Substance prevention professionals around the world looking to become a credentialed professional will find this one-of-a-kind resource indispensable.

On behalf of the various partners who have developed LEADER in Treatment, we are excited to implement this unique program that places individuals who are accused of certain non-violent offenses and who may be struggling with a substance use disorder and/or co-occurring disorder in a health-centered setting rather than the criminal justice setting.