Peer Based Recovery Support Services for Pregnant and Parenting Families

Driven by the opioid epidemic, the United States has seen an expanded focus on the treatment of substance use disorders. As a result, there has been an expanded interest and investment in recovery support services.

To support this growing demand, the Opioid Response Network created a training curriculum and Training of Trainers (ToT): Providing Peer Based Recovery Support Services for Pregnant and Parenting Families.

The training prepares Peers to meet the diverse needs of pregnant and parenting families seeking or in early recovery. This training is designed to help participants build skills to support and strengthen families as they grow and develop in their roles as nurturing caregivers.

Training Topics

Mechanisms that support secure attachment for young children
Strategies to support and strengthen the parent/child relationship
Ways to strengthen the parent/child relationship within the context of peer support services
Skills needed to work in diverse work settings
Coordination with other community providers serving families with young children
Working with individuals and families through pregnancy, delivery, and parenting babies with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS)/ neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome (NOWs)
Recovery-oriented and person-centered planning that is designed to support the growth of Recovery Capital


Learning Objectives

Be able to list and describe 2-3 practices at their organization that they plan to change or adjust in result of what they learned from the training surrounding assisting clients with pregnancy and parenting family needs
Be able to explain their perspectives on how peers can implement positive parenting education and skills in their work with clients
Be able to describe two specific strategies to support and strengthen parent/child relationships


Training Audience

Those who currently provide peer support services to pregnant and parenting families
Those who are recognized as someone qualified to provide peer support services in their state
Those providing supervision to peers working with pregnant and parenting families
Those who work in substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services; recovery care organizations (RCO); child welfare or home visiting programs; or a healthcare or emergency crisis service


Accessing Training

Interested parties can request this training for their organization by completing the ORN TA Request Form.