Project Overview

In response to the nation’s opioid crisis, SAMHSA awarded a two-year grant to provide technical assistance to states and territories to the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP) with a coalition of national professional organizations. These TA activities are designed to enhance the work of the Opioid STR efforts already underway throughout the United States and territories. AAAP and its coalition of 22 national healthcare partner organizations make up the STR-TA Consortium. This Consortium will provide training and technical assistance via local experts across the country, focusing on applying evidence-based practices to meet locally identified needs.

Each TA team assigned to every state and territory has a prevention, treatment (physician with two years’ experience treating opioid use disorders with medications), and recovery consultant. These consultants have been identified and vetted by the STR-TA Consortium. All consultants will provide evidence-based practices and resources as defined by the consortium. The goal of STR-TA is to streamline efforts to fill all gaps where needed and as defined by states.

Step 1: Those seeking technical assistance should submit a request form.

Step 2: The request will be forwarded to the designated Technology Transfer Specialist (TTS) for each state/territory.

Step 3: Once the request form is submitted, the individual submitting the request will be contacted within one business day to initiate a more detailed process for understanding the request.



Man with stethoscope speaking in group