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Welcome to the Opioid Response Network (ORN) Technical Assistance (TA) Consortium intranet. The Opioid Response Network project was created to support STR grantees and other organizations’ efforts in addressing opioid use disorder prevention, treatment and recovery.

This project, funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), is intended to provide local expertise to communities and organizations to help address the opioid public health crisis.

The Opioid Response Network intranet is a hub of resources designed to assist you in delivering technical assistance.

Our Strategy

The Opioid Response Network Consortium Core and Partners will accept requests for education and training resources to address the opioid crisis from STR grantees and other organizations. Each state/territory will have a designated team, led by a regional Technology Transfer Specialist (TTS) who is an expert in the implementation of evidence-based practices. Each TTS will work with individual STR grantees and others to meet the needs outlined by the TA recipient.

The Opioid Response Network Consortium partners with local experts in prevention, treatment and recovery who facilitate facilitate access to evidence-based resources.

The Opioid Response Network Consortium developed guiding principles that cross each of the following domains: Prevention, Treatment and Recovery.
Central to the work of assisting states with TA was the need to ensure partners and TA consultants across specialties are using consistent language and principles. Therefore the Opioid Response Network core consortium, partners, staff, TA providers and consultants work to espouse the guiding principles. Overarching to these guiding principles is that we vow that:

  • Language Matters. Words have power. Use affirmative language to advance prevention, treatment and recovery.
  • Provide developmentally and culturally appropriate prevention, treatment and recovery.
  • Implement evidenced-based prevention, treatment and recovery practices.



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