Law and Medicine Guide

With the alarming increase in fatal and non-fatal overdoses related to the opioid epidemic and the rising rates of stimulant use, the need for cross-system collaboration and the development of partnerships between justice and medical professionals has never been greater. These partnerships provide support to judges and other justice-system stakeholders and build a foundation for effectively treating individuals with a substance use disorder (SUD) who come in contact with the justice system. This guide is meant to provide those involved with the justice system an overview of substance use disorders and their treatment.

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This resource guide is intended to support judges and other justice-system stakeholders as they seek to further integrate evidence-based substance use disorder (SUD) treatment practices into their work. It is also designed to support the development of partnerships between the justice system and the medical community. The benefits to both systems are clear as the evidence confirms that effective treatment saves lives, reduces recidivism, reduces costs for the healthcare and justice systems and supports healthy individuals, families, and communities.

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