Community Stories

The Opioid Response Network would like to share the stories below so you can see some of the work being done throughout the 50 states and nine territories. If you have an ORN story you would like to share, please contact your TTS.

Would you like to share some of your successes with others? Consider submitting an activity where there was success in applying an evidence-based practice addressing prevention, treatment, and recovery interventions.

Or if you are struggling to make your STR strategic plan work, you might benefit from reading and considering the lessons learned from other states and organizations.

The Opioid Response Network was built on the idea of collaboration and sharing. There are many opportunities for collaboration and sharing lessons learned to avoid "recreating the wheel" and wasting time and money. We value sharing information and evidence-based solutions. Therefore, we have created a space where you can submit your best practices and lessons learned to share with others. NOTE: all submissions will be reviewed before being posted to the website. To join the conversation, feature your story or share your successes you can contact us at or call 401-270-5900.